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Get expert chiropractic care that treats the source of your pain and discomfort.


We offer 60-minute massage sessions with a licensed massage therapist. 


Stretching, passive and active exercises, core stability, and more to get you the best results. 

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Dr. Bob Curtis believes everyone has the potential to improve and feel better. Whether your goals are wellness care or injury care, Dr. Curtis combines the benefits of chiropractic adjustments/joint mobilizations with advanced and specific soft tissue therapies (Graston, ART, etc). The final touches to your care plan are learning corrective and functional movements through exercise/stretching/muscle rehabilitation, to offer you COMPLETE care and recovery. 

Chiropractic Care, Massage, and Wellness

If pain isn‘t going away, it’s time to address it.

Meagan Testimonial



I was skeptical anything was going to help me get better before basketball season was to begin. I was so looking forward to basketball and was desperate for a solution.

My first visit with Dr. Curtis was nothing short of amazing! I walked into his office in pain and left without pain for the first time in five months. The pain did come back but I would return for regular visits. Each time I would visit he would make the pain disappear and I would be pain free longer after each visit. By the time basketball started I was ready! Thank you Dr. Curtis!




Since Bob goes to the gym I attend, I decided to talk with him about my issues and to see if ART could help. He worked on my arm for a few minutes after a class…and I couldn’t believe how much better my arm felt. A few minutes and no pain. I had hope I could get rid of the pain.

I saw Dr. Curtis on and off through the spring. My arm felt 100% by the time Regionals came. Our team competed, kicked butt, and because of ART, I was able to participate.




Thanks for helping me live more comfortably!  My headaches and back are a big problem for me on a daily basis and through my mom’s friend, we heard Dr. Curtis was the man. He helped me have less back pain and helped alleviate some of my headaches. Currently Dr. Curtis is helping my recover from an ACL, MCL, and Meniscus injury. He has helped me in the past and currently is helping me get back to living a comfortable, pain-free life.