KT (Kinesiology Taping)

What is KT (Athletic) Taping?

KT Taping, also known as Kinesiology Taping or Athletic Taping, is a colorful, stretchy tape we use to support and promote healing for various soft tissue injuries. It's particularly effective for shoulders, ankles, and other areas prone to strain or overuse.


Why is KT Taping Beneficial for Treating Sports Injuries?

  1. Unlike traditional rigid tape, KT tape is elastic. This allows us to support the injured area while still maintaining a full range of motion.

  2. By lifting the skin slightly, KT tape can enhance blood and lymphatic flow in the area, which aids in reducing swelling and promoting faster healing.

  3. The tape on your skin provides constant sensory input, which can improve your awareness of the injured area and help prevent further injury.

  4. We can apply the tape in ways that help take pressure off overworked muscles, tendons, and joints. This is especially helpful in allowing these structures to heal without being subjected to excessive stress.

  5. KT tape can typically be worn for several days, providing ongoing support between your visits to us.
KT Athletic Taping
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