Chiropractic Care Is Like Brushing Your Teeth

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Pain and injury are most often times the end result of repetitive stress or cumulative trauma.

An example?  Eat lots of sugar and don’t brush your teeth. What happens?  Cavities.

The problem isn’t that your enamel isn’t strong enough, or you don’t floss regularly, it’s that the repetition of daily sugar partnered with poor brushing habits leads to the erosion, and ultimately, cavities.

Dentists can fix the cavity (or pain), but you need to be proactive in brushing, flossing, and checkups.

While we all have teeth and need them, I would argue that, in particular, the spine, is the most overlooked and under-cared for part of the body.  Many people clean their car, maintain their hair, and polish their shoes while forgetting to care for the core and fundamental part of themselves.

Finding and catching issues before they happen has always been a stalwart of the chiropractic profession, and I am applying recent education to focus on identifying the core issues that could lead to future issues.

If you, your family members, friends, or co-workers regularly complain of low grade, annoying or bothersome issues, these often lead to bigger issues down the road. I believe we all want our bodies to stay with us and work well for the course of our existence, so let’s pay attention to the little things, and take preventative measures. Let me help you understand what you can do to function the best you can.”

– Dr. Bob Curtis DC, CCSP

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