Self-Care Checklist | Daily Living Instructions

chiropractic self care

To help you get the best possible results from your care, we have composed this list of general “Do’s and Don’ts.” If you have specific questions about other ways to manage your injury or problem, please ask!

Your Treatment Schedule

Do keep your appointments and follow your recommended treatment schedule. The doctor has designed a program for you so that you may get the results you want in the most efficient manner. Therefore, it is essential to show up for your appointments and be consistent with the doctor’s care recommendations, home exercises or any other advice you may receive.


  • Do sleep on your side and back.
  • Do place pillows under knees and neck while sleeping on your back.
  • Do place pillows under your neck and between knees when sleeping on side.
  • Don’t sleep on your stomach. It places a strain on your neck and lower back.


  • Do lift with a straight back and bend at the knees
  • Don’t twist, lean, and bend when lifting
  • Don’t lift more weight than the doctor has recommended


  • Do take breaks when sitting, every 30-45 minutes
  • Don’t sit hunched over or slouched for long periods of time
  • Change positions every 10-20 minutes, slouch, lean back, sit up, tuck feet under the chair, etc.


  • Do start walking daily as soon as you can tolerate it
  • Don’t begin any exercise or weight program without talking to the doctor first
  • Don’t believe the “no pain no gain” theory!


  • Do take breaks driving, every 30-45 minutes, and get out and walk
  • Do set your rearview mirror to a height that requires good posture to see it
  • Do use the lumbar support if your vehicle is equipped with this. Add a pillow or towel behind your low back to add more support.

Using Ice / Heat

  • Do ask the doctor whether it is better to use ice or heat
  • Don’t use ice/heat for more than 20 minutes per hour
  • Don’t place ice/heat directly on the skin; use a wet towel

Vitamins / Supplements

  • Do take a multi-vitamin daily
  • Do ask the doctor if some specific vitamins/supplements may aid your problem/pain


  • Do try to drink between 64ozs or half your body weight (in ounces) of water per day.
  • Don’t count anything else as water except water! (Coffee, tea, pop, juice, etc. all do not count as water!!)